A Boutique Faith Based Agency  

VIP Advertising Agency is a Boutique Faith Based Agency that was established to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through cutting edge  Digital,  Online and Television  Marketing Campaigns.  

VIP Advertising Agency's primary focus is to reach the Secular Market for Christ.  Our goal is to creatively and boldly proclaim the Love of God towards all mankind by saturating the major Cable and Online Media Platforms with more than 1 million Faith Based TV  Commercials and Faith Based Digital  ads.

VIP Advertising Agency's mission is to work with forward thinking, Faith Based Partners who are willing to participate in cutting edge marketing campaigns that will impact the Secular world for Christ.

                                                   " JESUS IS LORD FOREVER"

 Our Motto:

 "The Art of Being Everywhere" 


Telephone #  1.310.550.0202